Welcome to OK1DWJ's and OK1DW's  homepage !!!


Thanks to a big patience and help of my friends from a club station OK1KZD I have finished a Morse course in June 1980 and a few months later I started my own activity as OL2BCC.

Under this callsign I was actice till July 1983 and since May 1984 I have got the callsign OK1DWJ. A few years later I decided to change my job and since June 1991 till January 1997 I was also active with callsign OK4DWJ/mm as a radio officer on board of several vessels at Czech Ocean Shipping. It was the best opportunity to visit a lot of places around the world and also to get a lot of life expiriencies.

Finally, since January 1997 I have changed again my job and after 5 years on /mm I stayed at home, working as a technician of analog + GSM mobile phone base stations for the biggest GSM provider in our country and till now I am doing still the same job, but since October 2010 for an external company.

And the latest news – since June of 7-th, 2010 I am also active as OK1DW, so don’t be surprised if you will hear me under this new callsign – still the same person is sitting in front of my TRX and using my paddle ...



With my license I can work on all HF + VHF/UHF/SHF bands all modes including 50 Mhz, but you can reach me mostly only on 160 m band CW, with some SSB activity.



HF: Kenwood TS-850SAT or Kenwood TS-2000 + P.A. about 750 W output + Inverted Vee 2 x 42 m

VHF: Kenwood TM-741E about 45 W output + UV-200 vertical antenna

Modem: Kantronics KAM+ Allmode






Some photos:

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